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Scotland Campus Sports Baseball gives players all the benefits of a college baseball program without losing a year of athletic eligibility. Our players will get bigger, faster, stronger, gain velocity, gain experience, gain maturity and more importantly gain more interest from college programs across the nation. We give our student-athletes the unique opportunity to invest in their development as a baseball player and student to boost their college or professional options! 


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Huge 💪 jumping on the scene today was 2024 RHP/SS Dawson Kehr (Broadfording Christian, MD). Quick full arm circle, mid 3/4 slot with late life on the FB. Sat 87-89 early before trailing off some in stretch. Feel for a 74-77 mph SL. 6’2”, 187 lb. frame

#PBR15uNat | @PBRMaryland

Pennsylvania breaks this game open as @mannysantana16 of @SCSBases rips a 2 run single to extend the lead to 4-0 in favor of Pennsylvania in the Top of the 4th!

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