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Scotland Campus
High School Program

The SCS soccer program has created a culture that nurtures both academic and athletic success. Scotland’s structured college-preparatory curriculum provides high school students grades 8th-12th, an environment to mature mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually in preparation for the next level.

At Scotland, we are huge on the “whole player” development! We offer a full daily schedule allowing each student-athlete the ability to reach their maximum potential. Position-specific instruction and regular player evaluations routine. As student athletes work through pre-season, in-season, and post-season, they receive constant high-level training and academic support from our staff.

Scotland’s National HS Game Schedule consists of nearly 30+ games and competing at elite National Tournaments against some of the top ranked players & teams in the country.

Scotland Campus
Post-Graduate Program

Our Post-Graduate Program gives our student-athletes the ability to take up to 12 transferable college credit hours through our partnership with Wilson College, or retake a core high school course to improve upon their HS GPA. Other services that are made available to every student-athlete are:

  • Weekly SAT prep classes
  • Academic tutoring
  • College advising
  • Assistance with the NCAA and NAIA Eligibility process

Upon arrival and before departure, each student-athlete is taken through a series of physical tests and evaluations for the purpose of measuring improvement. These tests consist of strength and agility, skills, flexibility, speed and conditioning. This professional evaluation process will provide the student-athlete an honest assessment to where they are now and where we can help them go with their training at SCS. We set a path for chasing their dreams and work alongside them every day to help them achieve those dreams.

On day 1, our coaches begin the college placement process, designing a strategy leveraging our worldwide network to place each student into a recruiting pipeline designed around specific needs and goals. Every day, our staff work tirelessly to ensure our players are making progress toward their goals. Our students will have an online profile that allows college coaches to identify and recruit them at the highest level. We will work every day to ensure that our players are making progress toward their goals.